It all started when…

A couple of local lads met up and decided it was time to find ourselves a home where we can meet, watch LFC, and chant in unison. We found the Queen Vic and the rest was history. We hope you feel that sense of community that the founders of LFCDC were striving to create back in September 2012.

You’ll Never Walk Alone!



LFCDC Code of Conduct

Section 1: While LFCDC members bring diverse opinions on all aspects related to the business of LFCDC and in support of Liverpool Football Club, we are committed to respecting each other and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all. All LFCDC members are part of LFC’s Official LFC Supporters Club Branch Network and, therefore, must uphold the values and good name of LFC. LFCDC members, including Board members, are expected to be exemplary representatives of LFC, and as such are asked to follow this Code of Conduct.

Section 2: LFCDC fully supports the Club’s anti-discrimination positions, and is committed to treat all members, supporters, visitors, other patrons, and pub staff with respect. 

Section 3: All members shall treat fellow LFC supporters, pub staff, visitors, patrons and supporters of other football clubs with courtesy and respect, and represent LFC and LFCDC in a positive manner.

Section 4. No supporters shall threaten another football fan or sing offending, racist, sexist or homophobic chants toward other supporters.

Section 5. No member shall degrade, demean or commit an act of violence on any other person at any LFCDC event. Any violation of the Code of Conduct by a LFCDC member could result in revocation of LFCDC membership. Violations of the law – whether or not related to LFCDC events – can result in revocation of membership. 


official LFCDC 19-20 certificate.png

LFCDC Official Certificate